Quantify My Bike
Our mission is to make bicycle components' durability transparent, to allow cyclists to pick the bike parts that are right for them.
How it works:

Track bicycle components' use based on your Strava activities.
Measure how long components last.
Compare components from different brands.
Pick the bike part that's right for you.

Sign up with your Strava account

You need a Strava account to use Quantify My Bike. Strava provides a lot of great features for athletes, but there is not much to track and analyze your bikes and bike components. Here, Quantify My Bike comes into play.

When signing up for Quantify My Bike you connect it to your Strava account. Thus Quantify My Bike can view your Strava rides.

You also use Strava to log into Quantify My Bike. There is no additional login/password needed.

Please note: Quantify My Bike is not affiliated with Strava.

Set up your bikes

Road or downhill, new or vintage? Provide some details about your bicycles.

Your bikes at a glance

View first reports about your bikes.

Bike usage over time

Have a garage full of bikes? See how bike usage changes with the seasons and over the years.

A metric for everything

Explore the detail you are interested in.

Add your components

Easily add bike parts. You set the installation and removal dates, Quantify My Bike calculates usage metrics like distance or moving time.

You can move components between bikes or frequently swap components on the same bike (like use different wheel sets on the same bike).

Compare components

When you retire a component you specify the reason: did it become unusable due to normal wear and tear, was it damaged in a crash, or did you just give it away.

You also specify if you installed it on the front or rear wheel - because wear and tear on front and rear may be very different.

These details are important when comparing components.

Quanti has it all

  • How long do your bike components last?
  • What drives their wear and tear - distance, elevation, moving time, or just age?
  • Why did they get replaced - normal wear and tear, damaged in a crash, or did you just replace them?
  • How does wear and tear on the front wheel compare to the rear?

The multi-dimensional view Quanti gives you all the information you need to pick the bike parts that are right for you.